Sep2012: We sponsored the MDM event “Master Data Management: Empowering Business” 24th – 26th September 2012 @ BERLIN together with KPMG

Apr 2012: APMM Maersk awarded a RFP to provide the expert consulting for Informatica MDM product.

Jun 2011: MDM project at APMM Maersk (largest MDM project in world)

We started on this project to bring value addition from our large data project experiences. Usage of our MDM framework will enable smooth rollout of SOA based services/interfaces. Our CSF framework has been used for UI rollout.

Dec 2009 :

Acquired a project contract for a world’s biggest Insurance from France

Jan 2009 :

In Netherlands, we moved to a new office location; check under “Contact Us”

Dec 2008 :

We have sponsored NPO KamalRoshan. Check out more at

Jun 2008 :

An Info Systems GmbH took over Adroit Consulting BV in Netherlands.

Feb 2008 :

Launched recruitment process for resources to serve clients in Netherlands.




We are a proactive technology design and solutions consulting company, specializing in the cutting edge technologies with focus on the domain areas of Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing, SAP.

We exist since Year 2000 with the philosophy of think customer and implementing solutions with high ROI for customer.

Our clients take pride in not only our high quality, on time deliverables, but also our commitment and ability to support them beyond contractual / implementation phase.

Company ownership available for next 40 employees joining within next 12 months

We make it possible to earn average salary of EUR 130K over the next 7 years.